Seattle Emerging Arts Fair 2018 / by Adam Burke

I was incredibly fortunate to have been accepted to participate in the new Seattle Emerging Arts Fair that was held on July 28th.  There, I displayed two photos out of my monolithic Combat Sports project, and the reception was really great.

This was my first actual gallery showing.  The other shows I have been a part of was the Georgetown Carnival in early June, the Pride group show at ARIA June and July, and the July Street Beans Belltown showing of my sunflowers.  This is all new to me, so I am still adjusting to the fact that I am putting myself out there.  For so many years I hoarded my work and told myself that I was kidding myself and that I wouldn't be able to find a market for my work.  Still looking, but a least there is some traction! 

What people had to say throughout the evening was that my work was very beautiful, it reminded them of Caravaggio's work (which was a blast to hear), and that people kept mistaking my photographs for paintings because my lighting was so rich.  All great things to hear.  I love standing in ear shot, and just listen to what people say about my work when they don't realize I am present.  That is an aspect I love about being an artist; being able to be invisible until I choose to be identified.

Next stop: Street Beans coffeeshop in U-District in September.  I found an amazing frame on the street that is huge, and I am really looking forward to filling it!